Digital Analytics Consultancy


Freemavens consult on all aspects of digital analytics to ensure clients extract the maximum value from their data to help drive business growth.

We help clients on their Digital Analytics journey with…


Strategy: Understand your goals and forensically audit your existing infrastructure, processes and capabilities.


Data Collection: Ensure you are accurately collecting all the data your business needs to operate efficiently.


Reporting: Ensure decision makers get the right data at the right time to make the right choices; in an easily digestible format.


Insights: Beyond reporting, we help you really understand your users; generating insights to inform changes to customer journeys that drive real change.


Activation: Personalised timely and effective messages across marketing and owned media to your well understood groups of users.


Our tools:

We use Adobe, Google, Tealium, Ensighten, Oracle and a range of other Analytics and tag management tools. We are curious about new technologies and love sharing the benefit of our extensive experience of analytics toolkits.


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